Climate Friendly has launched FlightPortal a world-first innovation designed to measure and offset business flight emissions with premium quality carbon credits and detailed reporting for sustainable travel policies. Thousands of tonnes of CO2 have already been offset through FlightPortal with clients supporting a diverse range of clean energy projects across Europe, Asia and the Pacific region. Customers include the Union of European Football Associations, Macquarie Group, Brisbane City Council and Worldwide Fund for Nature.

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Sustainable Tourism Online

The Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre has developed a free online resource that provides access to industry data, research and tools in the areas of destinations and communities, business operations, parks and culture.

It will also feature an online community providing a platform for industry, government, academic and other professionals to identify new research and participate in discussions on issues and challenges facing sustainable tourism.

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A new era of co-operation is possible; confining traditional rivalries to the sporting arena to create a significant marketing war-chest.

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Australia and New Zealand: one great, big holiday
The idea of Australia and New Zealand pooling resources and co-operatively marketing has significant support from the Australian side, according to the national Roy Morgan Research/Tourism Futures tourism industry survey, in which 34 per cent of industry executives backed the idea.

Australia has new leadership within Tourism Australia in Andrew McEvoy, and New Zealand has new leadership within Tourism New Zealand with Kevin Bowler. 


TripAdvisor Air Travel Survey

The second annual TripAdvisor air travel survey of 3,200 passengers revealed the biggest gripes for fliers in 2010 were airline fees and limited legroom on flights even though the industry has changed with broader airline fees, tighter airport security and the introduction of new amenities like in-flight Wi-Fi.

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Generation Upgrade

New research from Expedia the world’s largest online travel company has found that Generation Y Aussies are most likely to complain in order to land themselves a free upgrade on a flight or in a hotel.

The survey conducted among 1,000 Australians, revealed that almost a quarter of Australians aged between 18-24 were willing to complain about nearby guests/passengers, the food, or quality of service to score a flight or hotel upgrade.

The survey also found that others opt for a more conservative approach and ‘up-star’ their travels of their own accord, taking advantage of the many great hotel deals on offer to book a class of hotel normally outside their budget.

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New Kokoda Track Website

The Kokoda Track Authority has launched a new website for trekkers who are looking to attempt the Kokoda Track.

It offers reliable and up to date information about the trek for visitors as well as licensed tour operators including newsletters, track advice, itinerary planner, track maintenance advisory committee information, maintenance reports, incident report forms and an online forum.

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Green Passport

The Green Passport project aims to encourage visitors to make responsible travel choices whilst visiting South Africa for the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

The 32-page booklet contains tips and information on responsible tourism in each host city and will be distributed to 100,000 World Cup spectators.

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US Travel Promotion Act
President Obama has signed into law the first-ever national travel promotion and communications program to attract more international travellers to the United States. The Travel Promotion Act will establish a multi-million dollar marketing campaign to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and better explain travel security policies to foreign travellers.

The public-private Corporation for Travel Promotion established as part of the Travel Promotion Act will be funded through a matching program featuring up to $100 million in private sector contributions and a $10 fee on foreign travellers who do not pay $131 for a visa to enter the United States.

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National Corporate Social Responsibility Audit
Business Events Australia has commissioned a second comprehensive audit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and practices across the Australian business events sector.

The survey will update findings from the 2008 audit including collecting details about the extent and levels of accreditation; the breadth of sustainable product available; examples of sustainable business practices, programs and projects; and steps being taken to develop CSR credentials across the Australian business events sector.

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Destination Mountain Biking Resort

Montana Mining is looking to develop a mountain biking resort in the Dominican Republic.

The goal is to design, construct and operate ParkVida, a 700-acre resort designed for mountain biking of all disciplines (i.e. downhill, cross-country, free ride, dirt jump, trials/street, and cyclocross). It is expected that ParkVida will be open for its first season by 31 October 2011.

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Mobile Emirates

Emirates customers now have the option of booking their flight through their phone's mobile browser. Designed to work with over 3000 mobile devices the website allows customers to perform a multitude of tasks including booking and managing a flight, mobile check-in, searching flight schedules and status and even checking the in-flight amenities available on a specific flight. The site is available in English only.

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Green Travel Choice

A new GPS-based, CO2 tracker iPhone application has been developed which allows travellers to calculate the expected CO2 emissions for a variety of transport and route options. It enables them to make informed travel choices that help reduce the carbon footprint of their journeys.

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Backpacker Employment

Tourism Victoria and Backpacker Operators Alliance of Victoria in cooperation with the National Harvest Line have developed a number of fact sheets to better communicate working conditions, rights and expectations for international backpackers working in regional areas. The guidelines also include tips on pay rates, work hours and occupational health and safety. The information will be featured on websites and will be distributed to backpacker accommodation providers throughout the state.

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Tourism e-kit

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse recently completed its bi-annual review of its popular industry education tool the Tourism e-kit.

An initiative of the National Online Strategy Committee the Tourism the Tourism e-kit is funded by all state and territory tourism organisations and provides access to a series of online marketing tutorials and bite size information on selected topics.

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Industry’s ‘Best and brightest’ Present at Interactive Forums

Wilder, stranger, more beautiful
How does Australia win the race to be the world's leading nature based destination by 2020 ensuring destinations (and habitats) survive for decades to come?

Nick Heath, Program Leader, World Wildlife Fund, Photo courtesy Jeremy Patten, University of Queensland

Natural and cultural assets as a competitive advantage
Our unique nature, culture and heritage sit centre stage in the planning, development and delivery of sustainable high quality visitor experiences providing the perfect competitive advantage.

Hilary Schofield, Director, Planning, Tourism and National Landscapes, Parks Australia

Shift happens – marketing strategies for changing times
Discover the actions tourism marketing leaders can take to drive innovation, awareness, visitation, loyalty and profitability for regions in times of constant change.

Danielle Duell, Business Consultant, Danielle Duell Consulting

What makes Australia special – ask an Australian
What makes Australia unlike anywhere else - Australians think they know the answer and are eager to get involved in promoting their country.

Matthew Cameron-Smith, General Manager, Trade Marketing, Tourism Australia

View the forum options or the speaker biographies and abstracts.



Floating Island

A new yacht is designed to be a private floating island for the ultra-rich.

The $A160 million joint venture between yacht designer Wally Hermes Yacht and fashion house Hermes defies traditional long, narrow yacht shapes making it unsuitable for typical berthing spaces.

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Travel Economics

Cheapflights UK has recently unveiled ‘Travel(eco)nomics’ a report on the state of green travel.

The report highlights the travel industry's growing environmental consciousness and steps travellers can take toward being environmentally responsible. Among its in-depth range of tips and tricks for becoming green the report picks out the Top 5 eco-loving airlines and the steps they’re taking to work toward operating more sustainably. help the environment.

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Free Parks
From 1 July 2010 there will be no entry fee to any national park or metropolitan park in Victoria including Wilsons Promontory, Mount Buffalo, Baw Baw, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Ranges (Mount Donna Buang) and Point Nepean as well as Werribee Park, Coolart, National Rhododendron Gardens and William Ricketts Sanctuary metropolitan parks.

Parks Victoria will also be conducting a review of revenue streams and costs associated with park management including tourism, recreational activities, pest control and infrastructure.

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Planning Aboriginal Tourism
The Victorian Government will commit $1.2 million over two years to develop a 10 Year Plan for Aboriginal Tourism in consultation with Aboriginal tourism operators and the broader tourism industry.

The strategy will identify high potential tourism experiences, future investment opportunities and ways to leverage broader promotional and marketing activities. The plan will also support measures to strengthen Aboriginal tourism businesses, marketing assistance and a study into establishing Aboriginal business development networks.

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WTTC Announces 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Winners
The four winners of the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards were announced during the 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China.

Of the 12 finalists, Emirates Hotels & Resorts, Whale Watch Kaikoura, Accor and Botswana Tourism Board, were crowned the winners for their successful work in advancing sustainable tourism best practices in different parts of the world.


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Tourism Access Group

The Tourism Access Working Group has been formed as part of the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy to tackle a number of aviation and transport issues affecting the tourism industry.

The group consists of representatives from Commonwealth, state and territory governments and aims to deliver practical actions to improve the visitor experience, disperse travellers regionally and increase transport access.

Key areas of focus include comprehensive mapping of tourism access priorities, improved cruise data collection, new tourism supply chain research and enhancing air services to regional areas.

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Tourism Leaders Gather in Brisbane in July
For the first time ever, tourism industry leaders will gather in Brisbane from 5 - 7 July for the Eighth National Tourism Futures Conference.

Supported by Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland, the National Tourism Futures Conference provides a forum to table new ideas, delivers insights into the latest research and consumer trends, forecasts emerging issues over the next decade and encourages constructive dialogue between industry sectors.

Also featured at this prestigious conference is an outstanding array of networking opportunities, allowing industry members to build strategic and profitable relationships with key tourism leaders for the future.

If you are involved in tourism and are serious about helping shape the future of the industry over the next 5-10 years, then Tourism Futures is a ‘must-attend’ event!

View the conference program –

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference

The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference will be held in Oregon, USA from 8-10 September 2010.

The conference will feature innovative sessions on the latest developments in the field of ecotourism and sustainable tourism including stakeholder solutions, partnerships, practical case studies and best practice ideas.

It is expected over 500 tourism professionals, experts, business leaders, policy makers and community stakeholders from across the industry will attend.

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Regions Delivering a Big Australia
Issues affecting regional Australia are featuring daily in electronic and print media – population growth,  over urbanization, water and energy availability, the national broadband network, mining super profits tax, the list goes on.  This year SEGRA – Australia’s premier national conference for discussing issues affecting regional Australia will be meeting in Townsville 19-21 October, focusing on what all this means and how it will impact on the lifestyle, industries and economies across Australia.  What will be new and emerging opportunities, how will technology shape the outcomes, how are industries adapting to the green economy are just some of the questions to be considered.

Action agendas for the conference include:

  • The developing role for northern Australia
  • Marine industry opportunities for regional Australia
  • Shipping and land transport
  • Land rights and economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples
  • Sustainable Cities and a big Australia
  • Productivity gains – opportunities in regions
  • Regional competitiveness
  • Resolving contested economic development issues regarding land use, resources and sustainability
  • Cross sectoral community development and engagement

Call for papers is now open until 30 June 16, 2010

For more information please contact Jessica Shelton on 07 3210 0021 or email

Responsible Tourism for the Adventurous

Headlining Global Eco 2010 is Mr Bruce Poon, universally renowned sustainable tourism leader and founder of award winning tourism organisation Gap Adventures.
Launched in 1990, Bruce founded Gap Adventure with the belief that other travellers would share his desire to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner. Gap Adventures continues to be recognised on a global scale for its best practice efforts in community development and sustainable tourism.

You are invited to hear how Bruce Poon has 'Created Happiness and Community through a Sustainable Business Model' on Wednesday 27th October 2010 in Noosa, Queensland.

The 2010 program features a cutting-edge line-up of international and national keynote speakers, in-depth forums addressing current issues, a host of educational field trips, valuable networking opportunities and so much more.

Register now before the end of financial year at

International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations
The 4th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations will be held in Muscat, Oman from 10-12 October 2010.

The conference will explore a general framework and polices for responsible tourism in cooperation with international experts based on the UNWTO's Global Code of Ethics and the 2002 Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations.

This will be the first Responsible Tourism conference held in Arabia and is expected to attract around 500 participants from around the world.

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